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  • Suite 12 (Wellshare) Reception 4, Level 7,

    428 George Street, Sydney 2000

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    Shop No: 3, 276 Pitt Street,
    Sydney NSW 2000.

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    Phone 1: 02 8188 2299

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We envision a state of the art medical facility under one roof. This is a central place where one’s whole health is taken care by our team of doctors and health care professionals who put you first. Our approach is to deliver the best service every single time. The strength of our team is not just our experience and skills, but more importantly our dedication to assist you in living your best life. When it comes to health care, we understand that for many of our clients, time can be an enemy. To this end, we establish our medical practice and health care centre at the Sydney CBD.

We devote this space to giving you the right quality care, with no waiting time, and getting the best outcome of what you expect from us and what we can offer in the quickest possible way.

We are proud to say that we are the only Sydney CBD medical centre with a waiting time of less than 10 minutes. Most of our patients are seen within 5 minutes because we value both their time and ours. We understand their needs: they want everything which can improve their health and prevent them from any illness which is either they are either at risk or they are undiagnosed. Through our team of professionals, we deliver the best outcome every single time.

Our approach is progressive and we are dedicated to introduce the latest medical innovations into practice to get the best outcome for our patients. We believe that doing so is to set a higher standard for the rest of the health industry practitioners by bridging the gap between research and practice. One of our main purpose is to fill in those gaps. Visiting our centre is like a home away from home. The level of personal care that you get is unparalleled; we aspire to give you what you have always been wishing for, but have not been able to obtain in most of the Sydney CBD medical practices.

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